Presidents: Caitlin Chan & Rajan Sandhu
caitlinHi my name is Caitlin and this year I got bumped up to co-prez. Woot! For those who don’t know me, I am a fifth year human geography student who can talk about fashion, feminism, and hamilton (and sometimes other music but also hamilton) until the end of a millenia. I also make cards so hit me up (insert an up arrow emoji) My fun fact is that once I almost didn’t fall into a lake. I was also VP Admin and VP Social prior – cue the excited promotion hook.



rajanHey Everyone! My name is Rajan Sandhu and I will be your 2017-2018 Geography Students Association co-president. The wonderful Caitlin Chan and I have teamed up to make GSA extra rad with some great networking events in store! This will be my second year being an executive member on the GSA; our main goals for this year are to allow for inclusivity of all years of studies along with making events fun and useful to aid your academic career. No matter what year you are, the GSA executive team wants to see you at our next upcoming event! As a transfer student from Langara, I would also like to encourage more transfer students to get involved with student body groups such as the GSA! My hobbies include: travelling, networking, keeping active, hanging out with my Fraternity brother’s (ΖΨ Zeta Psi -message me if you have any interest in the Greek community at UBC) and any topics to do with urban planning. This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to go California and intern alongside the City of Fresno’s long-range planning department. If you have any questions or general inquiries about GSA, feel free to approach me in the hallways or hit me up on social media (Instagram: rajansandhu; Facebook & Linked In: Rajan Sandhu). This will unfortunately be my final year as a Human Geography UBC student and I hope to make this year one to remember!


VP-Academic: Melissa Lee 

melissaHi! I’m Melissa and I’m entering my fifth and final year with a Human Geography major and International Relations minor. I have a huge passion to travel and to completely immerse myself into different geographies. I think the world AND the universe is so grand and there is truly so much to experience and learn. I also love being outdoors (watching the stars particularly), having conversations around world affairs and the destructions of capitalism, and reading (if you give me a book to read that you claim is eye-opening, I will like you a lot). In my time outside of school, work, and hanging out, I spend time volunteering at a homeless shelter in Vancouver’s DTES neighbourhood. After I graduate, I hope to continue studies in global affairs with a specialization in environmental sustainability. As your next VP Academic, I’m excited to work closer with the department I’ve enjoyed being in and to inspire you to discover what you’re passionate about in your studies!


VP-Administration: Alex Briault

Hey everyone! I’m Alex and I’ll be your VP Admin this year! I’m going into my fourth year as an Environment and Sustainability major with a passion for natural hazards (and really terrible natural disaster movies) and reducing food waste. As the VP Admin, I’ll generally be the first point of contact for any GSA-related inquiries and I’m excited to help make this upcoming year as fantastic as possible. When I’m not in class, you can usually find me searching for the best cup of coffee on campus (I’m open to suggestions!). Outside of school, I live for running and love playing board games. If you run into me in the halls (just look for my Star Trek backpack!), please say hello! I’d love to meet you! If you have any questions, contact me through info@ubcgsa.ca.


VP-Communications: Cynthia So

cynthia您好! My name is Cynthia and I’m a fourth-year Environment and Sustainability student from Hong Kong. I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase, “New year new me!” Well, I’m just as short as I used to be. However, that’s okay because I’m more excited about being GSA’s new VP Communication! This year I’ll be responsible for all marketing and promotion of events for the GSA. As such, please do not hesitate to contact me to inform the GSA of ongoing/upcoming related events, areas of improvement, and other concerns.


VP-External: Bruce Pagnucco

20506884_1454101194613271_171382115189192654_oHey Geography Students’ Association! My name is Bruce and I’m super excited to be the VP External this upcoming year. I’m a 4th year Human Geography student with a passion for urban issues specifically pertaining to the way in which humans interact with their built environment. In addition to studying Geography, the things I enjoy most are playing a wide variety of sports, travelling, and bike riding! I’m really looking forward to what the GSA has in store for this upcoming year and hope to continue the club’s legacy of providing am entertaining, fun, and engaging social atmosphere for GEO students at UBC!


VP-Finance: Sara Mack

13690908_1048064631953549_77300952912610690_oMy name is Sara Mack, I am a 4th year undergraduate student, majoring in Human Geography with a minor in History. I was born in Nebraska, but spent the majority of my formative years in Ottawa. I’ve been involved in numerous campus organizations including Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Residence Hall Association, the AMS and more and am currently the President of Ponderosa Commons. I love being outdoors and travelling when I get the opportunity. I am humbled to continue to build community within the Geography department, work with an enthusiastic and hard working team, and taking on responsibly and ethically manage the GSA’s finances. As your club’s treasurer, some of my responsibilities include financial oversight, budgeting, and financial record keeping and accounting. I look forward to going beyond my basic responsibilities, and working with our team to set new goals for the GSA. If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to stop me in the hallways or email me finances@ubcgsa.ca.


VP-Graduation: Benjamin Felstein and Sophia Wilson

benHi I’m Ben Felstein and I’m the 2017-18 GSA VP Graduation. I’m a 4th year Human Geography student, minoring in Asian Language and Culture. I’m originally from Vancouver, but grew up in Seattle, Portland, Ore., Dallas, and the Washington DC area and a fun fact: I’m also proficient in Mandarin Chinese.





18485948_1327679227287444_1348461056990322304_nHi all! Im Sophia, a third year ENS student from Bozeman, Montana (the big state below Alberta). I am one of the two VP Grads!I really love cook and have been known to go on small spiels about the merits of different holiday foods. I didn’t vote for Trump. I love cats and dislike bright colored clothing. I am really excited to be working with the rest of the GSA team and all other lovely Geography folk this year!



VP-Social: Stephanie Pawluk 

21037866_10213384814795697_964602401_oHi everyone! I’m Stephanie and I am in my 5th and final year as a co-op and geography student majoring in Environment & Sustainability. I was born and raised just a short drive up the Sea to Sky highway in Squamish, so naturally I love the mountains and all things outdoors! In addition to camping and hiking I also love good coffee, dogs, and travelling. As this year’s VP Social, I look forward to getting to know you at the fun events we have planned for you. It is my hope that these events will act as a platform to foster a sense of belonging and inclusion in our amazing community. Keep an eye out on the GSA facebook page for upcoming events and find me in the halls to chat about joining our GSA Bad Latitude volleyball team!


VP-Sustainability: Jennifer Lipka

jenniferHi, I’m Jennifer, a fourth year Geog E&S student, and this year I am excited to be the VP of Sustainability! I am passionate about preserving and conserving the environment and would love to share my knowledge with other students. It would be my dream to inspire others to make positive changes that help not hurt the planet and spread passion for the environment. Things I like: zero-waste, leave-no-trace hiking, gardening, chocolate and cats!



AUS Rep: Meredith Gillespie

meredithHellooo geographers! I’m Meredith, a fourth year Human Geography major who enjoys geeking out over community based urban planning. Chocolate chip cookies and Game of Thrones are not too bad either (preferably together). I can’t wait to represent the GSA with the AUS this year and can’t wait to hear your thoughts to bring to the table. Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you on the volleyball courts with your Bad Latitudes!!



SUS Rep: Avril Li

 22345482_10214137787948344_1696268423_oHello everyone, I am your new SUS Geography Representative Avril Li. I am a third year Geographical Science student with an interest in GIS and health care. I am also in my third year on the UBC Varsity Golf team, and I have been golfing for 12 years.

If you have any questions, feel free to dm/msg me!! See you guys soon 🤗




Geogarden Project Manager: Kristina Bell

22375246_10214137786428306_256382997_oHello Geographers! My name is Kristina and I am excited to announce that I will be your GeoGarden manager for this 2017/2018 school year. I am a 4th year undergraduate student majoring in Environment and Sustainability with a minor in International Relations. I grew up along the Sea-to-Sky corridor in the lovely ski town of Whistler, so as you may guess I am an avid skier and hiker and pretty much love every sport in the book. As much as I love my mountains, throughout my years at UBC I have discovered my passion for development studies and urban planning. Therefore, I recently went on exchange to the city of Amsterdam and it was an incredible experience! (Their use of green architecture and urban gardening is quite impressive). I will always be looking for project ideas and/or volunteers- there is a ‘GeoGarden Volunteers’ Facebook page so make sure to join and feel free to ask questions there!


Trail Six Project Manager: Vinson Tam

vinsonHi geography lovers! My name is Vinson and I will be this year’s Trail Six Project Manager. Heading into my 4th year with the Environment and Sustainability program, I have discovered my passion for studies in environmental impact and political ecology. This is my first year with the GSA as an executive and I hope to contribute to the repeated success for 2017-2018’s Trail Six. I’m really thrilled to see the diversity, knowledge and perspective that geography students will showcase in their papers. From local to global, environmental to human, and everything in between, I want to see submissions from all realms of geography! This will be an exhilarating year for me as Project Manager of Trail Six and I look forward to recognizing familiar faces and meeting new ones within the GSA community throughout this year. See you in the halls of the Geography Department!

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