President: Angela Ho
IMG_80072Hi Geographers! My name is Angela and I’ll be your GSA president this year! I’m in my 4th year studying Geography with a minor in ACAM, and I’m passionate about using multimedia as a way to bring people together and share untold stories. Some of my interests lie in the intersection of history, migration, and cultural identity. You may remember me as VP Graduation from last year, and I am excited to continue to build community within the Geography department. As GSA president, I hope to encourage collaboration between different members of the department in hopes of creating a welcoming and friendly community atmosphere. To get in touch, catch me in the hallways or tweet me @angelakmho!

VP-Academic: Hyunsoo Kanyamuna 

D6C_83131Hello! My name is Hyunsoo and I am entering my final year in the Honours Geography program. Having spent time in Montréal and New York, my fascination for cities underlie my academic inclinations. With research interests at the intersection of the natural and social sciences, my foci on urban morphology and design, location theory, and resource-based economies are inextricably connected. Geography has allowed me explore these topics from diverse perspectives and I hope to highlight our department’s versatility through my contributions as VP Academic. Upon the completion of my degree, I plan on furthering my education through graduate studies and law school. Academics aside, I enjoy architectural design, exploring museums, growing my musical palate, and delving into books.

VP-Administration: Caitlin Chan

14793949_10210557614086235_1170094663_nHello fellow geographers! I’m Caitlin and I will be your VP Admin for the upcoming school year. This is my second year being an executive for GSA, and I am stoked to be a part of this team again. As VP Admin I want to support the other VP’s year goals as well as ensuring the greater geography is more interconnected and inclusive as ever. If you see me in the halls don’t hesitate to say hello and talk to me about intersectional feminism, if ethical and capitalism can ever be used together in the same sentence, and fashion and self expression as a tool of empowerment. Also Hamilton and MBTI.


VP-Communications: Jessica Broomfield

GSA2016-2017bio (1)

Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m a fourth year Environment and Sustainability major. I was born in Canada but have spent most of my life growing up everywhere else. I love traveling, scuba diving, photography, being outdoors, animals, anything related to sustainability, trying new cuisines but most importantly I love trying new experiences. I’m excited to be your next VP Communications, I hope to get people pumped about geography and get as many people out to our upcoming events as possible.



VP-External: Jaymie Johannson

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 8.48.40 PMHi Everyone! I’m Jaymie Johannson and I am currently in my 5th and final year at UBC, majoring in Geography (Environment & Sustainability) with other interests in Visual Art and Environmental Design. I’ve grown up in Vancouver, near the mountains, beaches and ocean and despite my love to travel and explore the world, this beautiful city will always be home. As this is my last year at UBC, I decided to make the most of it and get to know as many people as possible as VP External – so please feel free to approach me at any time if you would like to get involved with our Bad Latitude sports team, field trips, the WDCAG conference or anything else this year!



VP-Finance: Cassidy Palmer-Ruben

14793662_10210557618166337_955010241_nHello all! My name is Cassidy Palmer-Ruben, and I am your 2016-2017 GSA Treasurer. I am a 4th year student, studying in the Environment and Sustainability program, and looking forward to graduation next April. I was born in Hawaii, but spent the majority of my childhood in a small town in mid-western USA. When I was 8 years old my parents moved our family to Geneva, Switzerland, and subsequently to Vancouver when I was 14. My hobbies include downhill and backcountry skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and just about anything that involves being in the mountains… More recently I have been discovering my passion for environmental geography. (also, I’m a big car guy..come talk to me about it some time, we’ll become great friends…)

I am very excited to be a part of a great team and student association this year! As your club’s treasurer, some of my responsibilities include financial oversight, budgeting for the events we have all come to know and love, and financial record keeping. I look forward to going beyond my basic responsibilities, and working with our team to set new goals for the GSA.

VP-Graduation: Claire Bunton & Cynthia So

Pic 2 (2)Hi! My name is Claire and I am in my fifth (and last) year majoring in Human Geography. I ran for VP Grad because I’m keen to be involved with the Geography department in a bigger and more impactful way. During the school year, when I’m not in the GIC, I am either commuting home to North Van, watching more TV than necessary, biking the North Shore, or spending time with friends and family. I spend my summers running canoe and kayak day camps, hanging out on Saltspring Island, and taking any opportunity I can to travel locally. After graduating I hope to travel to some of the amazing places I’ve learned about and then continue school to become a teacher or a city social planner. Thanks for voting for me to be your VP Grad. I look forward to representing you in the GSA this year! :)

14741064_10154276810812293_38272087_nABC 係我係我!You’ve probably seen me wandering around the Geography building a lot. Fortunately, I’m not a ghost. I’m just short and I walk fast. I’m also one of GSA’s new VPs of Graduation so I’ll be organizing the graduation photo process, graduate school info session, GeoGala, and fundraisers. Speaking of fundraisers, please support our Krispy Crème sale because donuts are good for your health. Now, I’m just an ordinary third year student: I stare into space when I’m hungry, I talk to myself when I’m stressed, and I cry when I have to pay my tuition. If I see you across the hallway, there is a 90% chance that I will wave enthusiastically at you. Last but not least, Hong Kong is my home. K-Pop is my jam. Environment and Sustainability is my major. Zero waste life is my goal. Cynthia So is my name.

VP-Social: Claire Shepansky 

IMG_2363 (2)Hi! I’m Claire and I’m a fourth year Human Geography student with a keen interest in urban geography and GIS. I was born and raised in North Vancouver and I love spending time outside specifically mountain biking on the North Shore Mountains and backpacking. One of my most memorable outdoor experiences is canoeing 360 km down the Yukon River with my family when I was 15. When I’m not at school or hiking I also enjoy doing pottery. As this year’s VP Social I hope to foster a sense of belonging and promote positive mental health/ general wellbeing through a mix of fun and de-stressing events.




VP-Sustainability: Lucas Wordsall

12928315_10156856732975128_7107478308323413866_nConnection. That’s what I look forward to my year as VP Sustainability for the GSA. Everyone has a beautiful energy, and if we can connect on that level, wonderful things can happen. I know almost everyone in my program: Environment and Sustainability, is passionate about creating a safe space for all beings on this planet and I hope that I can be of service when it comes to connecting them to other peers and the help they need to do the amazing things they are capable of. As a privileged set of students we have a responsibility not only to be knowledge seekers but also to be knowledge activists and fight for a better world. It starts with connection, face to face, in the classroom and out of it.

AUS Rep: Rajan Sandhu

unnamedHey Everyone! I am Rajan and I will be your AUS (Arts Undergraduate Society) representative for the upcoming school year. This is my first year being an executive for GSA as I am looking forward to collaborating with the lovely exec team in hopes of making this year one of the best! As a transfer student from Langara, I would love to see more transfer student involved with student body groups such as the GSA. My hobbies include travelling, meeting new people, eating, and keeping active. This is my third year as a Human Geography student with hopes in pursuing a career in Urban Planning. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the awesome GSA events throughout this year!

SUS Rep: Lakshmi Soundarapandian

FullSizeRenderHey GSA! Your Science Undergraduate Society Rep here! My name is Lakshmi and I’m in my fourth year at UBC, in the Geographical Biogeoscience program. I’m super into movies, music, and I have a passion for the Indian Classical dance style, Bharatanatyam. A group of friends, good food, and a ton of laughs is my favourite type of environment to be in! As your SUS Rep, I wish to strengthen the bond that GSA has with SUS, and make way for possible event collaborations. I also hope to work with our AUS Rep to have more cross-faculty awareness of our department and initiate programs that will promote the unity of both the Science and Arts streams of Geography. I’m stoked to work all the other GSA Executives and I’m sure that together, we can bring GSA to great heights!

Geogarden Project Manager: Deanna Shrimpton 


Hi all, I’m Deanna! I’m going into the third year of my Geographical Biogeosciences degree. I’ll be the Geogarden Manager this year. If you’re looking for me and I’m not in the garden, you can find me reading, baking, playing board games and jumping around at concerts. I’m excited to learn more about gardening and to be more involved in the Geography community. Lettuce turnip the beet!




Trail Six Project Manager: Nicole Rich

Rezlifephoto2Hello! My name is Nicole Rich and I’m a fourth year Human Geography student. My top loves are my family, friends, animals, and travelling. I’m a strong believer in the power of animal love and the greatness of day trips. As the Project Manager for Trail Six this year, I’m really excited to encourage new ideas in Geography and bring them all together in one place! I would love to see the GSA community become closer than ever this year through academics. Our majors are what bring us all under the somewhat renovated, potentially mouldy, Geography building roof. I’ve heard so many amazing ideas that have yet to reach paper and I’m so eager to help facilitate this happening. I look forward to meeting you in September if I don’t already know you!

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