Academic Events

We host informative academic events to help you navigate your degree/future career options. Some examples include:



GeoTalks is an informal monthly event where students can get to know a faculty member and the department head over lunch. Each session covers a wide variety of discussion topics, ranging from research interests to life experiences.

Our next GeoTalks TBD


Major’s Lunch

Are you an undeclared Arts or Science student looking for something more to your university degree?  Judging from its interdisciplinary nature, Geography could be for you. Learn more about our Environment/Sustainability, Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Migration/Globalization Studies major/minor options. In addition, learn how to integrate co-op, internship, and/or exchange options into your degree. This event is designed for students, by students.


Careers Night

Maybe you’re unsure as to what career opportunities are available to you post graduation.  Or, you might have a dream job in mind, but don’t know how to how to get there.

Careers Night is the perfect opportunity for you to connect with Geography alumni about their personal, educational, and work experiences. Traditionally, Careers Night is structured so that students will have opportunities to connect with alumni on a more intimate basis. Food is always provided, so please stop by and explore your options!

This year’s Careers Night date is TBD. Stay tuned for details!

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